General Information

This page has information for potential teams, judges, liaisons, and audience members!

For Teams

Is your team looking to apply for our upcoming competition? Click the link to learn more about the competition and apply!

For Judges

Judges help mold the dancers we become, and as a fully collegiate competition, their importance cannot be understated; we are looking for judges for our upcoming tournament! If you are passionate about Bhangra, follow the link to get more information and apply to becoming a judge!

For Liaisons

Becoming a liaison is a great way to get involved in the circuit! It requires low commitment, dance experience is not necessary, and it is a great way to socialize and make new friends. If you are interested in becoming a liaison for our upcoming competition, or want additional information, click the link to the form! As always, don't be afraid to reach out via our social media or email.

Free entry!

Our main event is free entry and open to the public! Located at Shannon Hall, seating starts at 5:30pm!


We will be throwing an Afterparty! Located at Liquid Nightclub, you can expect throwbacks and bhangra beats from 10pm till 2am! Tickets are 25 dollars each.

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